Friday, November 21, 2008

Inventions of the Sewing Machine
By:Chelsea Kohut

This will take you threw the years of the Sewing machine and its changes throught the years. I will be discussing the changes that made the sewing machine change every years and the inventors who designed them. My part of this assigment is to highlight on the years of 1755-1800. I will do so by displaying a time line and the reasons behind the changes.

How Its Got started :

1755- Charles Weisenthal invented the first ever double patent needle designed for a machine, in England

This was invented to elimantate the need to turn the needles around with each stitch. this what not yet constructed into a sewing machine but done before industrail revolution.

1790- Thomas saint was granted a patent machine for boot manufatures, An awl peirced the leather and this allowed a needle to pass through. A later attempt to replicate the machine showed theat modifications were needed for this machine to work.

1810- Inventor Balthasar Krems built a chain stitch machine for sewing caps.

1814-Austrailian inventor Josef Madersperger worked for on the inventions of many new machines, he ealier machines failed to work because he couldnt get all the elements right to work. His later were still being worked out throught out 1834 but couldnt attempt to build a machine that would run.

1818- An american Inventor John Adam Dodge and his partner John Knowles produced a device machine in which made a reasonable stitch, it could only sew a very short length of material before resetting up was needed.

1826- 1st Us patent relating to sewing machines was created by henry Lye, the details and specifications were burned in a fire before the production of this machine could occur.
1830- The first working sewing machine was built by Barthemeley Thimonier, using a barbed needle, his wooden framed machines produced a simple chain stitch,This machine was originally invented for embroidery, but than saw its potential as a sewing machine. This machine was granted by the french goverment and allowed Barthemely to deisign more of these machine for uses such as sewing uniforms for french ary. After 10yrs they granted him a factory in which he put over 80 of his machines in and was ran by parisian tailors. This machine took away from hand sewing and made alot of craftsman out of work.

1833- Double lockstitch sewing machine invented by Walter Hunt, but it could only produce short seams in a straight line.

1843- Goerge Corilil also from new york patented a machine, in was a two needle sewing machine.

1844- John Fisher invented a machine that was a two thread count incorporating an eye pointed needle and a shuttle. The device was recorded for the production of lace, but worked exaclty like a sewing machine.
1849- Charles morley and Joseph Johnson patented what in essance was the first American chain stitch machine.

1851- Issac Merrit Singer's Machine was invented its the 1st rigid-arm sewing machine.This is one of the first commercial sewing machines. Before this all machines had an over hanging arm that held the needle directly and vibrated with it. Parts of this new machine was based on Howe's work, in fact singer was sued by Howe for stealing his work. This machine instead of a feed bar to support your cloth it has a table, a vertical presser foot to hold the cloth down, and arm to hold the presser foot. This aslo broke through the invention of the foot treadle instead of a hand crank.

1857- Inventor James E Gibbs patented a machine which incorporated the now famous chain stitch rotary hook.

The Future of The Sewing Machine
This machine is a thought of what i expect will happen next, i think in 2009 the sewing machines will be able to feed the clothes threw the machine insted of us having to feed the cloths threw. This one will have 2 needle heads instead of one and will be able to sew 2 seams instead of one that way the clothes will be more dirable. This machine will be designed by Singer, it will be the new way to make clothes so easly, this machin will do all the work, it will have a mind of its own to sew your seams without u even looking. Its going to change the world.

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